What does it involve?

The Embryoscope is a new revolutionary incubation system with which to observe the embryo in real time (minute by minute, 24 hours a day), from the moment of fertilisation to its transfer to the uterus or to cryopreservation.

This incubator incorporates an image capture system that allows embryologists to do a thorough, detailed, precise, objective and non-invasive evaluation of the evolution and the development of embryos that hitherto could not be recorded.

Embryoscope provides more stable and controlled culture conditions than conventional methods. This allows higher-quality embryos to be obtained and therefore increases the chances of pregnancy.

The selection of embryos was hitherto based on the morphological information of the embryos. Obtaining this information required the extraction of embryos from the incubator and their evaluation by microscope, a process that could affect optimal culture conditions. With the Embryoscope, on the other hand, a new selection criterion can be introduced: embryo kinetics (time-lapse). In other words, the exact moment of each stage, of each embryonic division and of how it occurs can be evaluated and specific situations of early development can also be monitored more accurately. This provides a compilation of specific data on each embryo that are compared with models obtained from studies with other embryos with higher implantation rates.

Recent studies show that this new method of evaluation and culture yields an implantation rate of around 10 to 15% higher than traditional methods.

In short, the benefits of the Embryoscope are>:

  • More stable embryo culture conditions
  • Reduction in the manipulation of embryos in the culture stage
  • Follow-up and evaluation of the minute-by-minute development of embryos
  • Improvement in embryo selection and, therefore, an increase in the implantation rate and reduction in multiple pregnancies
  • Much more information is available

The first images of your baby

With the Embryoscope you can save the first images of your future baby from its biological beginnings, as both the photographs and the videos obtained with this technique are placed at your disposal.