What does it envolve?

ROPA means Reception of Oocyte from Partner; also known as double motherhood.
The lesbian couples have different assisted reproduction techniques if they desire to have a baby:

ROPA is an alternative that lesbian couples have to become parents with the peculiarity that both of them can participate in the IVF treatment. One woman provides oocytes which are inseminate with the sperm of an anonymous donor and the other receives the embryos in her uterus. After consenting to the treatment, one becomes a genetic mother and the other a birth mother.

Donació d'òvuls

The process of ROPA is the same of IVF technic; one woman must receive a hormonal treatment in order to encourage the growth of several follicles in her ovaries and the ovulation of different eggs. At the same time the other woman must receive a mild hormonal treatment to prepare the uterus for the implantation of the embryos.

ROPA treatment has been legally recognized in Spain since 2007 under the provision that the two mothers are married.

As a consequence, babies who are born using this treatment can be legally registered in Spain as having two mothers.

So, ROPA is a new option to take in consideration when a lesbian couples have the desire to have a baby. But, according to the medical history, the doctor is who will decide what kind of treatment is the most suitable in each case.