Frequently asked questions

Will I be able to have children of my own after the egg donation?

Egg donation does not affect your fertility neither your future maternity. During your fertile life you only use 0,1% of all your eggs and the rest are lost naturally in every cycle. These are the ones used for donation.

Is it a painful process? Does it have any secondary effects?

Egg donation is painless. The egg collection is a surgery carried out under sedation or local anaesthetic. Sometimes the donor can feel mild abdominal distress or abdominal discomfort originated from the ovarian stimulation. Being a regular smoker or having high weigh variations may increase the risk of problems. Seldom can the donor present medical intolerance, haemorrhage, abdominal infection, ovarian twisting or sedation trouble.

How many times will I have to go to see the doctor?

To guarantee the donor comfort, we try to reduce as much as possible the medical visits. However, you will have to go to see the doctor 4 or 5 times, within preliminary visits, control visits, one more visit in the egg donation day and one last visit after the first period.

How many cycles can the same donor do?

According to Spanish Law, a woman can be egg donor until a total of six children have been born using her eggs.

Will I have to pay the previous health tests?

Under no circumstances will you have to pay for the previous health tests. All the expenses related with the blood tests, visits, health tests, medication and egg collection will be in charge of the clinic.

Can I choose the time to make the donation?

Yes, you can choose a specific period that suits you best.

Can I maintain sexual intercourse?

We'd recommend avoiding sexual intercourse during the stimulation process and until the following period after the egg donation, because there is risk of pregnancy and ovarian twisting. Once there has been the medical review and the first period, you can restart with your normal sexual intercourse.

Can I be a donor if I am using contraceptives?

Yes, but if you are taking oral contraceptives you will have to leave it during the donation process. Once the treatment ends and after the first period, you will be able to take the oral contraceptive again. If the contraceptive you are using is an IUD, it will be not necessary to take it off.