Genetic counselling

Do you have a family member with a genetic disease or congenital defect?

Are you pregnant and you are thinking about doing a genetic test on your baby to find out more information?

Have you suffered recurrent miscarriages, and do you want to know the cause?

Are you thinking about creating a family and you want to minimize the risk of transmitting a genetic disease?

The Genetic Counselling Service can help you resolve these doubts. This service is focused on providing information, to all people or families who suspect or suffer from a hereditary disease. Also, to inform you about the genetic tests available to minimize the risk of suffering from these diseases in the future or in the offspring.

The main objectives of a genetic consultation are:

  • Address the needs and concerns of patients who have any suspicion of having a genetic disease.
  • Collect all clinical information and family history. Assess personal and reproductive risks.
  • Inform about the available tests, their supply and indicate which are the most appropriate.
  • Explain the results and possible implications, for oneself and for the rest of the family members.

This new Service includes patients of any specialty that suspect of a genetic condition. Dr. Nina Bosch, PhD in genetics, will assist you in the Girofiv consultations, located on the second floor of the Girona Clinic.