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  • Our teamwork

    GIROFIV is an assisted reproduction centre staffed by a team of highly-qualified professionals who are constantly updating their therapeutic expertise. Gynaecologists, embryologists, andrologists, psychologists and other healthcare professionals work towards a common goal: to analyse each case on a personalised basis with a view to choosing the best treatment for each need.
  • We have a long track record in reproductive medicine

    The professional team of GIROFIV offers patients its extensive experience in reproductive medicine. It is aware of their needs at all times and can offer maximum support in different stages of the process.
  • We are committed to a great project

    GIROFIV is located on the first floor of Clínica Girona and can therefore offer all healthcare resources such as rooms, operating theatres and a clinical analysis laboratory. It is, moreover, a health centre endorsed by the Government of Catalonia and is FIVCat listed.
  • We offer a personalised service

    For GIROFIV each patient is unique. We establish a fully personalised relationship based on the values that we consider essential: kindness, warmth, amenability, professionalism, quality, transparency, flexibility and confidentiality.
  • We have an ongoing commitment to technological innovation

    It is no longer necessary to travel far to find cutting-edge treatments. GIROFIV is a pioneering centre in the application of new techniques and in the implementation of state-of-the-art equipment (ICSI/IMSI, embryoscope, vitrification of eggs, etc.). We also have an egg and embryo donation programme.
  • The patient matters most

    You will always find us at GIROFIV, whenever you need us: we have no waiting lists and offer personalised service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To streamline relations with patients, a single doctor is assigned to the entire treatment process in an atmosphere of complete trust and confidentiality. To avoid unnecessary upsets, we only perform tests that have not been done previously.
  • Maximum transparency and information

    GIROFIV offers a personal interview at no cost whatsoever and with no obligations for patients so they can obtain all the information necessary about the different procedures and treatments available, plus a cost study of the entire process.
  • The benchmark Girona laboratory

    Over the years, the GIROFIV Embryology Laboratory has become the benchmark in the Girona region and collaborates with different hospitals and external teams of gynaecologists.
  • Open to all types of families

    GIROFIV follows the guidelines established in Spanish legislation, by which all women can access assisted reproduction treatment regardless of their marriage status or sexual orientation.