Who can donate and how to do it

Donació d'òvuls

Who can be an egg donor?

According to the Spanish legislation (9/2014 Law), the donors must be women between 18 and 35 years old, in excellent physical and mental health. The donors must not suffer any genetic disease or sexual transmission disease, and they must have full capacity to act. However, the ultimate selection remains according to the clinic criteria.

The clinic has the responsibility to inform the donor about the purpose and the consequences of the donation, as well as the procedures and health studies which will be put down, all this information given throughout the informed consent. The donation must be regularized with a document written between the clinic and the donor.

Which test will be done?

Before starting all the donor procedure and during the first personal visit we will carry an individual interview to complete the donor health history as well as her health family background, also a health study to verify if her weight, height and arterial tension are within the normal limits.

Additionally, we will perform the following studies to the donors:

  • Gynaecological revision.
  • Completed blood tests.
  • Karyotype (chromosome study).
  • Genetic carrier screening study. 
  • Psychological evaluation.

All the results will be given and discussed with the donor. Under no circumstances the donor pays for the previous health tests. All the expenses related with the blood tests, visits and health tests will be in charge of the clinic.

To do all these tests and visists we will try to adjust to the donor schedule.

What does involve all the donation process?

 To do the egg donation is necessary an ovarian stimulation. To do this the donor will need to give herself daily hormonal injections during 12-14 days. Throughout this period, the gynaecologist will be performing ultrasounds scan tests to control and verify the stimulation.

The Egg collection will be set up once the ovaries are stimulated enough. This is a surgery carried out under sedation or local anaesthetic. The procedure is painless and it only takes about 15-20 minutes. The donor will receive the medical release within an hour after the surgery. We'd recommend having a rest for the next 24h. We would also recommend avoiding sexual intercourse during the stimulation process and until the following period after the egg donation, because there is the risk of pregnancy and ovarian twisting. Once there has been the medical review after the donation, the donor can restart with her normal sexual intercourse.

Sometimes the donor can feel mild abdominal distress or abdominal discomfort originated from the ovarian stimulation. All the discomfort must disappear after the treatment. Only in few cases the donor can present ovarian hyperstimulation that can be directly related with the hormonal drug administration for the stimulation process. With the ultrasound scan tests this can be forecast and avoid. Sometimes the medical team can cancel the egg collection to avoid the hyperstimulation. Seldom can the donor present medical intolerance, haemorrhage, abdominal infection, ovarian twisting or sedation trouble.

According to the legislation (14/2006 Law), the donation must be done anonymously, voluntarily and altruistic.   

How can I become an egg donor

If you want to become an egg donor you only have to contact us via phone or complete the donor form on our webpage. We will respond you immediately and arrange for an appointment to explain you all the egg donation process and clarify all your questions.