Egg donation

What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is a generous act where a female donor helps to fulfil other woman desire of becoming a mother.

All women are born with a certain number of eggs in their ovaries, of only 0,1% are used during her fertile life.

Through the donation, those eggs of the donor are used, which would be lost naturally within her cycle.

Donació d'òvuls

Who can be eligible for egg donation?

Women who cannot achieve pregnancy naturally due to different causes:

  • Ovarian problems: either because that woman has no ovaries, ovaries have aged prematurely or the oocytes the woman produces don't have the right quality.
  • Women with some chromosomal disease.
  • In cases where the previous ovarian stimulation response has been low or in cases with recurrent implantation failure.

The egg donation is regulated by the Spanish Law 9/2014 about Assisted Human Reproduction techniques, which sets up the gamete donation must be done anonymously, voluntary and altruistic. 

The egg donation is anonymous and under no circumstances the recipient patient will be able to know the donor identity and vice versa.

All this information remains confidential and under custody of the clinic where the treatment takes place.

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