Microfluidic chips for sperm selection

What is?

The FERTILE® chip is a simple and innovative sperm selection device.

Through the microfluidic technique, we are able to select the sperm with less DNA fragmentation and use it for ICSI and IVF.

Chip Fertile

This technique mimics the conditions of the female vaginal tract, which is a formidable coach in number and integrity of sperm that reach the oocyte.

Sperm selected by FERTILE® show better motility, morphology; low levels of DNA fragmentation and fewer, than traditional methods other reactive oxide species (ROS).

When is appropriate to use the chip?

The chip is used when the sperm sample shows high level of DNA fragmentation.

What is DNA fragmentation?

Fragmentation is known as the break points or loses of genetic material in the DNA chains of the spermatozoon.  A high level of fragmentation may be an important cause of male infertility and it may also compromise the chance of achieving pregnancy.

A fragmentation test is recommended in the following situations:

  • Unable to achieve pregnancy.
  • Idiopathic sterility.
  • Recurrent miscarriages.
  • Embryo implantation failure.
  • Low embryo quality and low blastocyst rate.

It is also important to remind that a better diagnosis and a better use of the specifics IVF treatments may also help to increase the success rate to achieve pregnancy.