Sterility and diagnosis

The First step towards solving sterility problems

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), at least 15% of couples have to deal with a reproduction problem and all its accompanying concerns and frustrations at some time or other in life. Difficulties in conceiving a child naturally tend to generate worries and uncertainty that, together an unawareness of the causes and of the possible solutions, can cause the couple stress.

At GIROFIV, specialists in assisted reproduction, we are aware of this situation and offer all the information you may need to clear up your concerns so that you can always make the right choices on your own.

What is sterility?

Sterility or subfertility is the total incapacity to conceive a child without external aid, even if the couple has had frequent sexual relations without the use of contraception for at least a year.
Sterility can be:

  • Primary: pregnancy has never been achieved.
  • Secondary: although pregnancy cannot be attained at a given moment in time, it was achieved previously, either with the current or a previous partner.

Are sterility and infertility the same?

No. Sterility and infertility should be differentiated. Infertility is the incapacity to stay pregnant to the end. In other words, pregnancy may be achieved but is spontaneously interrupted before birth.
Infertility can be:

  • Primary: the birth of a child has never been achieved.
  • Secondary: birth has not been achieved at a given moment in time, but the woman already has children, either with the current or a previous partner.